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KWM Consulting is one of Canada’s leaders in helping you create strategies in government relations, stakeholder relations, campaign management, lobbying and workplace investigations. All KWM Consulting services are available to any size of business or organization. Our clients benefit from our total dedication as we leave no stone unturned as we outline the best options and paths to fulfilling your goals.  

Government Relations and Strategy

KWM Consulting is here to help you connect your vision with decision-makers all throughout Canada.

At KWM Consulting we will work with you to clarify your organization’s goals and objectives; this assures we develop you an effective government relations strategy to further those goals and objectives. Through the process we will also evaluate and make suggestions accordingly on how to improve your current plan and assist you to maximize your effectiveness.

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Why Choose Us?

Many association executives who deal with the public sector ask: “How is my organization setup and positioned with the government?”

This questions leads to the next three questions;

“Do I have connections with key decision makers?”

“Do I have the time and knowledge I need to build relationships with the government, the bureaucracy and with Opposition members?”

“After an election, am I prepared with trusted relationships regardless of which party wins?”


KWM Consulting can help you find the answers to these questions and depending on your organizations needs, we will work with you to build strategic relationships and connections to assure you have the answers to these questions and more.