Meet Mark Holmes

From an award-winning, highly respected journalism career to leadership roles with two major advocacy organizations, a senior advisor within government and tenure as the President of a major renewable energy development company, Mark Holmes has a combined record of over three decades of resource development, communications and government and public relations experience.

High profile, high energy

A team player with proven leadership abilities, Mark has a well-established track record in team building and project management including tenure as President of Xeneca Power Development, one of the largest waterpower development companies in Ontario. His years as an award-winning journalist evolved into key roles in government, advocacy organizations and as an industry leader in the forestry and energy sectors.

Well versed in helping shape public policy with a fundamental understanding of government, regulatory process, Mark has honed his strong strategic assessment and planning skills with a highly attuned business perspective and 21st-century communications savvy.

Natural leadership

Mark successfully assisted several companies in the renewable energy and forestry sector in their government relations efforts, which, in turn, led to public policy and regulatory changes favourable to the sustainable development of renewable energy generation. Development and execution of Aboriginal consultation processes and agreements are also an integral part of resource development, and Mark remains actively engaged in outreach to First Nations communities to help shape policies that work for both the developer and Aboriginal communities.

A solid understanding of the mining sector and other elements important to northern development was gained during his time working in the Government of Ontario where he had a key role administering the $100 million Northern Ontario Heritage Fund and intergovernmental affairs. His efforts on the development of public policy and navigation through government programs and initiatives are well served by his knowledge of process from both the political and bureaucratic perspectives.

Mark’s advocacy work for the forestry sector included building consensus among forest sector members, developing key public policy strategies for the industry as a whole, and handling a very challenging communications portfolio. Aboriginal and stakeholder relations initiatives were also an important part of his position.

Most recently Mark co-founded and served as Director of G52 Municipal Inc., a consultancy that enables communities to meet their infrastructure needs through strategic advice, access to government and private sector funding and sound business planning.

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