Crisis management specialist

Meet Jill.

Jill “JP” Priest specializes in employee training, strategic communications, and crisis management. She has twenty years of experience and accomplishments in provincial and municipal governments, nonprofit organizations, and adult education. JP has been a spokesperson for multiple government agencies, and she has trained C-suite executives in media relations. JP has experience managing large-scale crises and emergencies. Many organizations have worked with JP as she facilitated and lead them through training needs analysis, course development, and establishing best practices and certification programs.

An excellent writer, JP has created web content for many sources. She has served as lead editor on a national magazine and has penned a series of guest columns for two national newspapers. JP has a strong affinity for law enforcement, fire services, and other first responders, particularly how they are affected by issues concerning mental health, employee safety, and de-escalation techniques.

JP is a Fire and Life Safety Educator and certified mindfulness facilitator and has worked internationally with clients from Tokyo, South Korea, and North America. To slake her thirst for knowledge, JP has become well-read in employment standards, workplace health and safety.