Indigenous Affairs Specialist

Meet Georjanne.

Georjanne Morriseau is qualified in Aboriginal Law, Advocacy and Aboriginal Relations. With over 15 years of experience in corporate social responsibility leadership and reporting, conflict management and crisis communications, media relations, public advocacy, government relations/negotiations and community relations, Georjanne is a sought-after leader and advisor to public and private clients across Canada. Her acclaimed roles include the Chief and Councillor for Fort William First Nation and the first and only First Nation female to have previously served as Director of Indigenous Affairs and Public Relations for Resolute Forest Products Canadian operations. Georjanne has also served on several boards and is currently a Vice-Chair, Thunder Bay Police Services Board, a federal Commissioner on the First Nation Tax Commission and a member of the Ontario Climate Advisory Panel. She was also a founding board member for the Governance Development Network of which their main objective was to promote and build upon self-sustainability and good governance within First Nation communities.